#01 Tips for Remote Work with Dmytro Iefmenko

Our Professionals Know Best About Remote Work!👨🏼‍💻

#01 Tips for Remote Work with Dmytro Iefmenko

Working from home is not an easy skill to acquire, especially for those who have never done it before on a daily basis. Yes, I do consider it to be a skill and a certain advantage to be stated in your CV even, as Telecommuting nowadays is one of the top-rated requests from employers.

With all that being said I don’t believe there is any universal approach to learning to telecommute as each case is very specific in terms of accommodation, a number of cohabitants, etc.

For those who live alone and don’t have to compromise, the situation won’t change at all. They can easily accommodate telecommuting, yet will struggle with psychological issues like physical isolation and the inability to relax even after the working day is over. In this case, the most adequate start would be, at least, NOT to work in the same room one uses for relaxation as a living-room or a bedroom.

If you haven’t got multiple rooms at your disposal – give balcony or kitchen a try. For those who have their families at home, try to agree on the best options.

I can take myself as an example in this case:

I share a 60m2 apartment (2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 balconies, kitchen and for sure bathroom) with my wife and one-and-a-half-year-old daughter. The most productive time for me is when my daughter is still in bed in the morning, or when she is having her mid-day nap or when she is already in bed. Therefore I try to accomplish as many tasks as possible during the mentioned time slots cause she is the one it’s hard to agree on something with even though I may sometimes ask my wife to play with her in the remote room for an hour or so when I have to conduct a virtual meeting.

Additionally, I may work at my parents’ who live about 4 km away from me or stay at my friend’s place who is also telecommuting and living alone (his cat is not taken into account).

Being flexible in terms of timing and locations is what you should learn for the time being as otherwise, you’ll face a critical burnout or even something worse. Just go with the flow, find the best place in terms of comfort and give it a shot.

Just keep in mind that you won’t ever have the same environment at home you had in your office, thus don’t stress outperforming attempts of reaching it.

Dmytro Iefmenko
Head Of Unit I Engineering



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