How Do I Find My Candidates – #01

Hi guys,

Many recruiters have their own way and methods of finding candidates online. Some of them get candidates by using the searching tool or any other recruiting resources. Some of these platforms are free, but the best ones, in my opinion, are paid.

I started working as Recruiter in May of 2019 – not a long time, I agree -, but even if it’s been for a short time, I have had many different experiences like, candidates so anxious who started falling down the chair, other who were making coffee during the interview, other who invited me to have a drink with them after the selection process, to list some.

All that could sound crazy, but there are cases that I always think that people give a unique drift to the interview according to their personalities and how they feel at that specific moment. This is, in my opinion, the best part of this work: try to adapt to the candidate’s mood in order to let him/her give the best performance. 

A very important part of my daily work, besides interviewing, is to use LinkedIn Recruiter Lite.

I can optimize any search by using diverse methods for example filter and skills menu adding Boolean analysis ( AND ,NOT ,MORE).

I  mostly use the LinkedIn Recruiter filters listed below:

– Job title
– Localization
– Keyboard
– Experience
– Skills

That always helps me improve the candidate search and to have a filtered list of profiles.

Just to let you all know a bit of my process I will share with you some of the real examples of what I do.

I initially search all the skills the client is asking for, once the search is finished as a personal trick I remove  one of the “nice to have” skill that will allow me to increase the candidate’s pool, – of course when I do the video conference interview – I make sure all the requirements asked are fulfilled.

I will share another practical example of what I use to do in the IT field. if I need a candidate for a Front End position, the required skills will be: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and, for instance, node JS is a plus.

Following the methodology described above, first I will search a candidate with experience in all the technology listed and the next step will be – search only – candidates with knowledge in HTML and Java Script being confident that a developer who knows Javascript has worked with Node JS (being this technology related to JavaScript).

To resume, searching for a good candidate whatever the position is, is a matter or methodology but also creativity but, moreover, to have a good background in the specific sector it’s fundamental to understand what and how to search.

In order to accomplish an effective search, I take my time to better understand the technologies required, by watching videos but, completing different courses offered by technology platforms.

I strongly believe that we are not only looking for candidates to fill a position as a number, but we are also looking for a technician that will have an important role in the company’s development and growth.


Riccardo Evangelista

From Italy, Sasà.

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