Cybersecurity – The Era of Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity – The Era of Digital Transformation


Cybersecurity was the fastest growing area in 2018. 

We live in the so-called era of “digital transformation” for companies, resulting this title most of them is now having to invest in new areas of expertise such as IOT(Internet of thing), Cibersecurity, Machine Learning, and more. 

Statistics says that the cybersecurity area has grown the most in the last year.

The international market is showing a growing concern about the importance of information security, and the consequent bet on specialized resources that solve possible data leaks, which is today a cause of loss and lack of credibility for companies.

2019 is already considered by analysts, the year of Cybersecurity, and is expected to implement a series of rules that will regulate the market and the different business areas. 

For us recruiters, it is important to know that there are four essentials soft skills for working in cybersecurity: 


  1. Detail oriented

It is important for those working in this area to be detail oriented: this employee should have the ability to evaluate technical issues and examine them comprehensively to eliminate weaknesses and prevent attacks;


2. Analyze and diagnose

Knowing how to analyze and diagnose is an asset for problem solving, analytical skills have to be well developed;


3. Communication skills

Strong communication skills are equally essential and a facilitator to simply convey complex problems to customers and company managers;


4. Work in teams

It is important to know how to work in teams to understand the difficulties and to apply the defined rules of cybersecurity.


With all that being said, fellow reader if you are looking for a new and “safer” challenge, cybersecurity is the new way to go.

So, get protected and send us your CV!


Daniela Adão
Mulher do Norte

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