Networking From a Rookie

Networking for a Rookie

On my first day at CBT as a Talent Acquisition, I was given a couple of weekly goals, one of them was to create and expand my LinkedIn network. A TA without a network? Yes, I know! There is no denying that nowadays networking is fundamental not only as a way of doing business, but also because it’s a highly valued skill in the job market and a personal branding tool capable of generating value and growth to our career. 

We’ve all listened to stories of someone who got a job due to good performances on previous roles or companies that use referral programs to get good professionals. This is networking in action. The truth is, whenever we expand our network, we gain access to multiple people with skills and know-how and this create this kind of a relationship so they can share their knowledge with us.

With that being said, here are lessons I learned and I consider important from my two weeks career as Talent Aquisition at Cross Border Talents, as it relates to networking:

1. Value

You need to add value to receive value: When “Linked-Iners” see the job title: Talent Acquisition on my Linked in profile, they see me as someone who can, in some way, add value to and help them. Genuinely, that’s what I want. I believe that one of best ways to strengthen your network is to be seen as a person that genuinely wants to help. Believe me, the value you’re giving will come back to you!


2. Connect

Connect with people wit common interests: The longest relationships are the ones that share the same interests and values. Therefore, as a way to keep yourself updated, make sure connecting randomly with people, but rather chose the ones that share something in common with you.

4. Be Seen

Be seen: this is something that didn’t have the chance to fully apply due to my “rookiness”, but that I know is proven to work. Keep your network updated and regularly publish interesting things, it’s important that you have a frequent presence in your network.


5. Express

Express yourself clearly: Even though it seems basic, it’s important to remember that unclear communication can hurt your personal brand and decrease your value in the eyes of your network. Be careful before you publish anything.


José Mendes,

O Xerife.



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