5 Steps to Increase Productivity

How many times have we asked ourselves, “How can I increase my productivity?”

What many people do not understand is that there is a difference between working hard and being productive at work.

Extending your journey into the wee hours every day and spending the weekends at the company will not increase your productivity.

On the contrary, it will only increase your workload and, of course, leave you stressed and tired, which can only bring you mental confusion, inefficiency, wrong decision making, inattention, and difficulty memorizing things, making many mistakes.

And to do an error in such cases is to be more unproductive.

To be more productive you need to achieve your results with as few resources as possible. Do more with less.

One commonly used technique for increasing productivity is GTD – Getting Thing Done. Developed by David Allem, this technique follows a step by step that, according to its author, unloads its Hard Disk (Disk), leaving you unconcerned with the other activities while making things happen.

The steps are quite simple:

Step 1: Collect

Make your to-do list. The goal here is to stay relaxed knowing that you will not forget to walk.

Step 2: Process

You will sort your tasks into 7 categories:

  1. Do it now because I can do it in 2 minutes.
  2. It is a complex task so it is a Project
  3. Do you have a date? So it’s a Commitment
  4. Is it delegable? Please forward and classify as Waiting
  5. Can it be done as soon as possible? It remains as Next Actions
  6. Can not you do it now? Make Some Day
  7. Absurd task? Delete!

Step 3: Organize

It is only for the tasks that are left in the following order of execution: Next Tasks, Waiting, Someday, Projects.

Step 4: Run

Make things happen!

Step 5: Review

At the end of the day, review and reclassify tasks and see if new ones have come up.

So, let’s put it into practice?

Natália Cordeiro
A Paulista

featured image from freepick.com

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