8 First Things A Global Recruiter Looks At Your CV

Recruiters review a large number of résumés to find the best candidates for the positions they have available, so it is extremely important to have the relevant information at hand and organized in our résumés.

Every recruiter has her/his personal preferences on what to look for in a résumé, but there are some common important things a good résumé should have at sight. So this article is written from the perspective of a global recruiter.

8 First Things A Global Recruiter Looks At Your CV

Name and contact information including email addressSkype ID and current location.

Relevant job experience and company recognition including the name and location of the companies where the candidate has worked or is currently working. It is not important to list your whole career history, employers care most about what you have done recently and which career path you have taken lately.

The level of studies is important as some very specialized work opportunities have very specific requirements.

The keywords of your relevant experience must include multiple different software applicationsmethodologies used, systemscertifications, etc. Your skills are important too.

For a global recruiter, the nationality or eligibility to work in a certain region of the world is also important as, as the time of hiring someone increases due to the processing of a work visa or work permits, etc.

If you are looking for an opportunity in another country, please specify that you are open to relocating and if you are available for travelling, please specify that too.

If there are gaps in your résumé, explain what led to those gaps. The time in which you were trying out your own business or raising your kids, for example.

I must admit that good spelling and grammar is also part of a good résumé.

As for the format you must use to include all this information; well, the only advice I can give you is that it must be easy to read and easy to find the relevant information.

Susana Espino
The Infinity

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