5 Ways To Increase The Visibility of Job Posts in Social Media Through Hashtags


Social Media is the best place to find passive candidates. In fact, although they are not looking for a job, they will probably spend their time browsing their social media around subjects of their liking which normally is connected to their dream job, or dream industry. This way, here-s the

5 Ways To Increase The Visibility of Job Posts in Social Media Through Hashtags

1 – Hashtags referencing target group

If we consider the aspects of a candidate’s background for a specific position, those should be included in your hashtags. For instance, if we are hiring a person for a gaming position, in addition to our regular hashtags we should include game references familiar to that gaming community. So, if the person is for Czech Republic for the position of a QA tester of a certain gaming service, in addition to the obvious (#Prague #Xposition #Xcompany), we should consider gaming references which increase the visibility of that post since the candidate who will eventually apply for that position is more likely to look for the gaming reference rather than job-related one.

2 – Contemporary norms and values

Also, if our target group are millennials, hashtags should be more focused on values they foster and cherish, rather than only on strict aspects of the job. For instance, #petfriendly, #impact #changing etc., or culturally and socially appealing attributes and norms that resonate more with them may be easier to come across compared to those of the job itself. By the same token, if the target group is another generation, refer to the values they cherish the most.

3 – Brand related hashtags

Create and solidify a hashtag related to both your personal brand and that of your company. This comes across to applicants as a personal trademark, thereby distinguishing you within the sea of recruiters who post border-line identical job adds. Moreover, refer those tags to the company’s website so that it gives more recognition to the company with you leading the way in that field.

4 – Niche hashtags

Create specific hashtags related to niche groups to attract even more diverse groups of people, thereby promoting inclusivity and diversity.

5 – Integrate hashtags in your feed

Pin those hashtags that you deem interesting both for you and your recruitment activity. Monitor the activity apropos that hashtag, you never know, maybe you come across an interesting candidate!

It goes without saying that all of us are using hashtags in our posts, however, if we take the additional moment to place and refer them strategically, it may very well be the differentiating point in your post as opposed to others who use the everyday hashtag that gets lost within one refresh on your feed.

Post inspired in this article.

Aleksandar Radonjic
El Montenegrino

Featured Image created by rawpixel.com – www.freepik.com

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