9 Steps To Properly Engage Candidates For Your Clients

In our line of work, we tend to focus in the behaviour of others, especially in the candidates, and sometimes forget to focus in our own behaviour, don’t recalling ourselves to conduct and act in a professional and proper manner.

When we are looking for a candidate to work with us or with our clients it is critical that we take care of our professional etiquette because we are the face of the employer and our actions will be leading to the construction of the employer profile. So how can we do it in a proper way?

9 Steps To Properly Engage Candidates For Your Clients

  1. When doing the first approach to a candidate be formal. When the relation is established you can adapt the way of communication to each candidate, let them take the lead on this. This is very important because if you find a candidate that is very formal and you don’t reach him in this line, the candidate can feel it like disrespect and disengage from the relationship;
  2. Be quick in the interactions, don’t leave the candidate hanging for days waiting for an answer to simple questions;
  3. If the candidate is in line with the requirements and is interested in the job, schedule the first meeting as soon as possible. Be aware of the candidate working schedule and adapt yourself to it, most of the candidates aren’t looking for a job with the knowledge of his actual employer;
  4. Read the candidate’s application thoroughly before the interview and compare it to job specifications so you can know which specific details you need to ask about;
  5. Be on time for interviews, again you are the image of the company if you don’t show on time you give the impression that responsibility and respect are not valued in the company;
  6. Be kind and clear, leave your candidate comfortable to make questions and to have an honest talk. Present clear information regarding the job, the company and the process and make sure that the candidate really understands it all. Give candidates the opportunity to show you what are their skills, even if they are not a fit for the position, this way you will get an open door for the future and your company will have good feedback from this candidate;
  7. Reach out to candidates on a weekly basis and explain how the recruitment process is going. If it is taking more time than what is supposed to let the candidate know why;
  8. Always inform the candidates if they are not chosen to the position. Don’t forget that because they are not a fit for this position that doesn’t mean that they will not be a good fit for a future one or that they don’t know another person that can be. Candidates are a powerful brand strategy. Treat them well.
  9. Keep yourself available to help during the recruitment process and after it. Build trust and people will contact you when change comes to their life.

At the end of the day, just think to yourself – If a recruiter engaged with me the way I’m engaging with my candidates, would I take the job?

Patrícia Demétrio
The Muggle

Featured image by freepik

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