How To Use LinkedIn To Get That Dream Job Abroad!

How To Use LinkedIn To Get That Dream Job Abroad!

The dream of many people, regardless of their work area, is to work outside the country and to acquire all the experience that this opportunity can provide, both in the professional and personal spheres. But most of them do not know where to start looking or what the best way to go.

This search can be done at a distance, you do not have to go to the country of your interest to start the search for a job. Today, there are companies and tools that assist during this process and close the gap between people and companies, with the goal of improving communication between the two parties involved and facilitating hiring. One of those tools is LinkedIn!

How To Use LinkedIn To Get That Dream Job Abroad:

The first step is to register the curriculum in English (for this it is important that you speak English), to make your page look more attractive.

It is important to include all relevant courses and experiences, so the information corroborates to show that you are a good professional. If you work in areas that use portfolio, for your presentation, include the document and stimulate business curiosity.

If you are unemployed, do not put “looking for new opportunities”, leave your last position and the last company where you worked on.

Always keep your profile up to date with posts about the area of action, as well as posting blogs and pages related to relevant topics.

It is fundamental to interact with the social network whenever possible, commenting on relevant posts and enjoying publications of your professional interest. These actions make your profile more and more evident and attractive, increasing the chances of getting good jobs and good partnerships.

Ask for recommendations from other professionals, whether from colleagues from previous jobs or ex-bosses, contribute at the time of hiring, generating more confidence about your profile.

An extremely important factor is the question of your friends’ network. If you are interested in working in Portugal, for example, it is essential to make connections with people who already reside in the Country and who performs functions in the area of your interest. This way, you can start to create your cycle of contacts, increasing your networking.

From these tips and guidelines, having the social network always updated and used with great frequency is the first step to not lose any opportunity and be inside of all the news that involves your final goal.

We at Cross Border Talents hire and relocate people from all countries, our Recruitment is global and solid. What about you update your profile and be contacted by us? 🙂

Mariana D’ávila
The Sunshine

Image by Vecteezy

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