9 Ways For Your Company To Retain Talent

9 Ways For Your Company To Retain Talent

Hello again everybody!

Time for another flight with The Islander.

Think about this example for a second.

You are embarking on a long 10-hour flight to another country. When you decide to make this chance, you as a customer, trusts and believes that the plane, the crew and the company who is making this flight happen, will give you all the right conditions.

Comfortable seats, onboard entertainment, food, a blanket and a pillow perhaps, if you want to take some zzz (sleep). And an onboard crew willing to help you at all times.

But what if doesn’t happen?

What if the company fails on this to you, as a customer?

Well, of course, one small thing or two can fail, accidents or mishaps happen all the time. We’re human, and life is life, we can’t avoid it.

But what if this trend maintains?

Bad service, bad crew, steep prices, poor conditions on the seating, a range of things that might make you think…. “hum, maybe I don’t want to go back to this company, and their crew”

Then, usually, what happens is that the company loses a loyal customer.

Alright, this is bad. What can you do?

As a company, you must think of ways to make sure you can attract back that customer, and more, to stay and trust in your company.

Now, of course, this is a flight example. But in real life, we’re talking about how a company can better maintain, and manage, their talents before they decide to embark to another company.

So, once again, what can you do?

As a company, and in our current generation, it is getting more complicated to manage and maintain the best talent.

No longer an attractive salary and some benefits like a phone, or a car, create excitement in a person.

According to a recent study, 56%  of s 352 inquired executives, claimed to have a big concern in retaining talent, this being a top priority. So, the challenge is to “understand the cost-benefit of identifying and maintaining varied skills professionals”. So not retaining a big number of people, but those who have THE Skills that fit the company, and are essential.

So here are some tips to help you maintain some of the best talents, either them being already on board, or in a recruitment process:

1 – Invest in Training

Having a deficit in soft/hard skills is a major problem in today’s job market, so it’s crucial to invest in training, in courses, and supporting your team. This allow’s them to create more focus, objectivity, discipline and knowledge.

2 – Multiplying skills

Notice the skills that certain team members have, that might be essential to the company, and spread that knowledge among the company. So that, if someone leaves the company, those skills will be shared amongst the crew.

3 – Enhance talents/skills

No talented person wants to feel stuck in the same status quo, they want to feel challenged and amazed. So, invest in creating a good environment so that the team can explore their potential.

4 – Don’t just give a raise, search for productivity

If a member decides to leave the company, when negotiating with them, don’t just offer a raise. Ask them for a counter-offer, or other benefits that would best benefit them. If you just give them a raise, without giving them something that would increase productivity, you have lost the battle.

4 – Acknowledge your team

Make sure that when you talk to the team, you’re not just telling them their effort is just to make more money. Make sure they know that they are needed, necessary and unique for the team. That feedback could be a deal maker, in their performance.

5 – Being a part of a cause

People are no longer just doing work for mundane tasks, they are after a cause, that their job has a purpose. So, it’s important to share with your staff a vision for the future, establishing challenges for each person, so that they can be reached.

 6 – ”Know your/their role and …” (Quote from Dwayne, “The Rock, Johnson”)

This might sound odd, and obvious, but the professional must know their role. If they know well their tasks and responsibilities, then they know exactly what to do, their deadlines and the level of expected quality. So, make sure they know their role.

7 – Chance of growth

Show your team the chances of growing inside the company, not just money wise. Like I said in the beginning, money, more than ever, is just a small part of the deal. Offering them a chance to learn more, presenting a great office environment is really important because it gives more chances to stand out.

8 – Be coherent with positions and salaries

Yes, we said money is just a part of the deal, but still a big part of the deal. So, when making a deal with your team about their role/position in the company, create goals and objectives. Better yet, create a scale. If you reach your objectives in x period, your salary increases this much and you also get something in return. Make them fight for something.

9 – Meritocracy

when evaluating, and paying our company members, make sure they are being paid by their merit, not by just how long they are in the company. If they are good, make sure they are good.

So, these are some few tips for all companies and even future candidates/employees,

Don’t forget, nourish your Team, take care of it and they will take care of you.

By understanding their needs, you will better understand what also the company needs and how to talk it to new levels.

Or, based on the main concept of this post, newer heights, and newer flights!

Well, time to land and prepare for our next adventure.

Bon voyage!

André Belchior
The Islander

Image by Freepik


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