6 Ways To Be Noticed in Group Interviews!

6 Ways To Be Noticed in Group Interviews

Group interviews are used in different companies because it is a useful way to the companies to speed up the recruitment process – it allows, for example, the interviewers to analyze how you interact with others, which can give more hints if you’re the right match for that role as a Leader, for example!

There are two types of group interviews:

Panel interview – where the candidate is interviewed by more than one co-work of the company, for example, the Hiring Manager and the Manager of the specific department where the candidate will be working.

There is another type of group interview, in which there is a group of candidates and the interviewer. Both situations might provoke a bit more of anxiety than an individual interview since you might feel that there is more than just one person observing you.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry! The preparation is the key to stand out! You must prepare yourself for this interview in the same way you should prepare yourself for an individual interview, as for example, to know exactly what is the core business of the company. There are of course other points to bear in mind in the moment of the interview:

Be confident and respectful – It is important to be confident so that you can also stand out but please also respect the other’s time when they speak;

Don’t fade out – By one side, it is not good to dominate the conversation but, by the other side, try to not fade out during the interview – you need to be noticed;

Be empathic and a good listener – Listening skills are very important especially if you’re going to work with a team! An important part of working with a team is being a good listener. Listen carefully to what both the interviewers and the other candidates are saying. Be empathic. Smile!

Be a leader – If you are working on a team project, find an opportunity to lead. Leading can be as simple as including everyone and making sure everyone has a task.

Be yourself (always) – While you should make your voice heard, do not feel like you have to be extremely vocal if you are shy. Answer questions thoughtfully. Being a good listener who answers questions carefully can still set you apart from the group without forcing you to be someone you are not.

Follow up – Be sure to send a thank you letter to the interviewer. Try to mention something specific about your interview to help the employers remember you.

Daniela Ferreira
The Psychologist

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