How to Best Prepare for Companies’ Assessment Tests

Assessment tests are a popular tool in HR and if you’ve applied for a job and they asked you to do assessment tests during the recruitment process, there’s no way to escape them. So, how to prepare for an assessment test in order to not prejudice your application?

In short, you don’t. There’s no way to fully prepare for assessment tests as there’s a big variety of them with different purposes (Personality, Aptitude, Skills). What you can do is prepare your mindset before you do them.

Personality Assessments

There are no right or wrong answers so don’t try to force your answers into something that you are not. Some assessments have a “fail-safe”, that is, they have a few trap questions to catch potential liars so it’s best that you are true to yourself. Some employers are looking for a specific profile to match their company culture and the job, so if you fail the test, just think of it as it wouldn’t be a good fit for you in the first place.

Aptitude Tests

These are used to verify your ability to understand, use new knowledge and quickly work with the new information you are given. They are usually linked to some specific ability the employer thinks will be crucial for the role (e.g., a perception test for a position that requires attention to detail). Of course, employers will be looking for those with the best scores. There are some websites that allow you to practice these types of exercises for free. If you know you’ll be performing an aptitude test then practice is advised! However, keep in mind that there are several of these tests available and the probability of you taking the same test you practiced is slim.

Skill Tests

Skill tests are used to confirm you possess the knowledge and skills already required to perform the job you applied to. Unlike aptitude tests, these are not abstract exercises and will try to relate your skills to the job in particular. Multilingual call center companies usually use language assessment tests where they test three essential skills for the job at the same time. One is your ability to speak the language you applied for, the second is your communication skills with questions related to customer service, and the third is your typing speed ability.

Despite all the differences, there are still things you can do to ensure your test goes well: relax, turn off all distractions around you, read the instructions carefully, focus and commit yourself to the task.

Good luck!

Daniela Silva
The Eloquent One

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