How to Handle/Avoid Stress and Anxiety at Work!

To start this journey let’s see the day around the clock from when you wake up until you go to sleep. These are just some pointers, it may vary according to every person, though these are studied standards that help 🙂

Start off you the day, the right way!

Wake up early! Give yourself a good breakfast and have time for the things you need: if it’s a good shower, making your bed or taking kids to school. If you are early and hit traffic on your way to work, you’ll still make it on time and fresh. If a schedule is too tight, any task that comes off your control can turn into a spiral of preoccupation and anxiety to get on time.

Going in the office:

First of all, say good morning, try and keep a positive attitude, even if you don’t really feel like it. Other than being polite and having good manners towards your co-workers, it helps to boost your own mood. Let’s try and keep it positive.

While working:

I like to start my work with a look at my calendar: what appointments I have scheduled and what time is not occupied yet. We should always try and set honest deadlines and KPI’s. If we are truthful about our objectives, it’s half done the work on getting them set! This comes hand in hand with how you organize yourself. On my personal experience, writing everything down on an agenda or calendar is what works best. If I don’t, I will eventually forget I have an appointment.

Remember, drink a lot of water while working, especially if your office has a lot of AC, keep yourself fresh and hydrated, it makes wonders on your skin and internal organs, this is just basic biology, do it!

Stay away from conflict:

It’s normal in an office seeing the same people every day and “stressing” together which leads, sometimes, to conflict. Let’s try to avoid it! Acknowledge every single person in that room is in the same situation, cut some slack to yourself and others, even if it means that you tell them: “Everyone, I’m sorry, today I feel super stressed. Therefore don’t take personally if you feel I’m stepping out of the line, and let me know if that happens”. Believe in the people that are around you.

We reach lunchtime:

For obvious reasons, eat well! Nutrients and health are an important factor in any lifestyle, and more so if you’re sitting at a desk all day. If you can, just take a quick walk, get some sun or wind on that pretty little face, it makes wonders!

It is normal for us to have coffee in the morning and after lunch, try not to have to many, and stop after lunch if you can. Caffeine will stay with you for a long time…

Your afternoon:

Have snacks at your desk, for example, some dried nuts! No sugary stuff that clogs your veins, but that keep you satisfied. Let yourself get up, even if it’s only for 5 minutes, your posture and physical condition need to be as important as everything else.

When you’re leaving work, try and find your inner “off button” if you can manage to keep your work at the office and personal life at home (or everywhere else) you’ll be a lot happier! Go to your car, or public transportation home and take some music with you, whether it’s the stereo or your headphones inspiring you, have them! Even crack a cool move where you at (people will look and laugh), but it’s ok if you’re ok!

At home:

Let’s assume you can “turn work off”, get some time for yourself, your family or friends. Let’s put yourself on the center, you are the core while family and friends are your most trusted allies, they are the ones who are there in failure and bliss, keep it close with people you love!

Again, and repeating myself, at dinner keep it healthy and get yourself to bed early! That’s how you can wake up early the next morning and keep this motor, which is your day to day, running smoothly!

Keep it chill!

“It’s not time to worry yet.” — Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Ana Queiroz
The Relentless

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