6 Skills That Will Make You The Perfect Candidate! | By The Muggle

Imagine that you have a candidate that master all the requirements of your client and on top of that even talks five different languages! You have the perfect person in your hands, right? Maybe you need to check a few more details before replying to this.

In my opinion, there is an indisputable issue that needs to be addressed: with the rise of automation the importance of Soft Skills is getting bigger and bigger!

Soft skills are personal qualities that supplement your technical ability, like communication or working well in a team, and they are more difficult to train than technical skills. This way, so our focus while recruiting should never miss these traits.

Now you are wondering, I already have a job, why should I worry about my soft skills?

Investing time in your soft skills will allow you to grow in your career (e.g. leadership or a management role). In another perspective, these days it’s difficult to stay at the same job all of your lifetime. Therefore, if you want to change to a new job, you will have a set of soft skills that will put you in front of the competition. This because a company is willing to bet on your technical skills if you show the right soft ones!

What Soft Skills Should I Have?

Soft skills make people easier to work with, help adapt to new roles and new responsibilities with ease. Here are my favorite ones:

Effective communication

A professional’s communicative ability involves not only clearly communicating his opinions and proposals, but also being able to listen attentively, comprehensively and comfortably, without interrupting colleagues at all times. This will allow a low level of misunderstanding and a higher level of cooperation within the company.

Emotional Intelligence

In the book “Descarte’s Error” António Damásio stated that our options set may be shaped by rationality, but it is the emotion that binds us to action. When emotionally disturbed, people do not remember, follow, learn or make decisions with clarity. This way, this is a key factor for the success of the individual and the company.

Many things people do at work depend on their ability to tap into a scattered network of colleagues. For this interactions to be successful, you not only need to be able to recognize the emotions at play in the context of analysis and action (basic level of emotional competence), but you need to successfully intervene in an emotionally complex situation when people are hurt or uncertain. When you master emotional intelligence, you will be able to persuade individuals and groups by evoking emotion, even if some people of the group are not in line with you.


Know how to work with other people is essential in any job since it will allow you to establish relationships that will lead to trust, shared knowledge and better results for everyone involved. It will also contribute to a good work environment, and let us be real, we spend a lot of our lives at work! Don’t we want him to be a pleasant one?


Being able to adapt to new circumstances is one of the most valuable skills that we can have. With new discoveries every day, the world is in constant change and the work world is no different. If you have the versatility to face new changes and projects you will be less frustrated and in a path to success.


It does not matter what is your line of work, you will have to negotiate: with a client, with a supplier, with your colleagues, with your boss. By perfecting this art you will start to see benefits to your team or company but most importantly you can start to put yourself in a better position to climb up in your career.


In a world where everything is of easy grasp, being able to create new and enthusiastic things is a big asset! Creativity will take you to places where nowhere has been before (just do not forget to take your colleagues there when you arrive).

All these skills can (should) be used and sharped in every area of your life, so what is your next investment?

Patrícia Demétrio
The Muggle

Free Vector Art by www.vecteezy.com

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