The Courage (And the Steps) To Reach Your Dreams | By The Sunshine

The Courage and The steps to reach your Dreams

Leave your comfort zone. Leave your country, customs, culture, and language where you were born and live. Get out of your daily routine!

A dream is to believe that the true meaning of life is not to accumulate money, things, status, power… It’s believing that what we take of this life are the experiences which go far beyond knowing the world and yes, meeting people, especially people who also think like us.

When you think of a change, however, we tend to think only about the difficulties and obstacles that this change will bring. We find it hard to look ahead and see that the result can be a great experience of life. Can it go wrong? Yes. But, even if it does go wrong, at least you’ll have some histories to tell when you grow old.

About the courage to change our lives… Well, it depends on each one of us. We all have the fear of facing the unknown, but every time we face a challenge we get stronger and ready to face the next one that will come.

Now, for the tips for living abroad:

1 Start Saving Money

Being prepared, financially speaking, is of the utmost importance. Start your plan to live abroad by saving money.

2 – Release Anything That You Have Not Used For The Past 12 Months

This step will make it easier to choose what to take to the new country. You will keep the objects that really matter to you. What is not useful can be sold or even donated.

3 – Compare destinations before making a decision

Make a list of pros and cons for each of the destinations, weigh what is more important for you and decide which is your ideal destination.

4 – Discover everything about the city / country

As soon as you know the country and the city where you want to live, make a deep research on it. See the cost, lifestyle and everything else that interests you.

5 Make Notes About The Important Information

Record everything about the process you have to go through. Things that are there to settle, such as housing, documentation, vaccines, etc.

6 – Search for Reports and Experiences From Others Who Have Already Have Undergone This Change

You can search for this information in groups on social networks and blogs, always remembering that the experience of one may not be the same as yours. Each one lives different stories.

7 – Be (very) Organized 

Organization is everything! It’s crucial for your moving to be a success that you schedule and organize, day by day, each item that has to be solved.

8 – Double-Check the Cost of Living

Search to understand if you are prepared to bear the costs of that country and the new lifestyle for the first times.

9 – Keep In Mind That The Adaptation Can Take Up To 2 Years

This is the average time which takes for us to adapt to a new country.

10 – And That There May Be Frustrations At The Beginning 

And everything passes.

11 – Prepare Yourself Psychologically For Change

Have you decided yet? It’s already a good step. Remember the pros and cons of changing countries to prepare for the worst. Especially for the best that the country has to provide.

12 – Plan What Needs To Be Resolved In The Destination Country

It is mandatory to deal with some documents and processes in the country of destination. Plan to treat this within the first few weeks. This way, your life in the new country will start in the best possible way.

13 – Choose the Day, Book The Tickets And Go After Your Dream 

I’ll see you around. And good luck!

Mariana D’avila
The Sunshine

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