Flight For Relocation | By The Island Castaway

Hello, this is your captain “Mr. Island Castaway” speaking. Welcome aboard this flight to the land of new opportunities. We are presently flying at a lot of thousand feet on our flight from your city to your new. We are expecting a smooth flight and anticipate an on-time arrival in. We hope you enjoy this new adventure.

So, all jokes aside, Hi!

I’m “Mr. Island Castaway”, I’m a recruiter for Cross Border Talents, who, just like his name says, came from the Portuguese Archipelagos to the mainland, in search of a new opportunity.

And based on this, we’re going talk about relocating to another country, about taking that “leap of faith” on a new job, in a new country. Although moving to a new country, may add a lot of positive points to your career prospects, as well new skills, it is never an easy decision to make, because there is a lot of points we have to think when taking this chance.

Looking For “The” Home

You cannot move to another country, without knowing where you’re going to sleep the following nights, a place you know you will feel safe.

So, when you go to your new country, talk to your employers, and new colleagues, or locals, about the best places to live, the safest, and where the prices are more affordable for you, or the conditions match yours. This meaning public transportation, stores, and other big necessities. Don’t be afraid to ask anything.

And after settling down in your new home, try to research the transportation network in that country. At the first times, you might encounter some “hits and misses”, so try to do a practice run before your first day of work, so that you become more confident.

If needed, you can use some apps like Google Maps or Moovit to help you guide through your new network transportations means.

Not Feeling Alone

Sometimes, depending on the person, when moving to a new city, you may feel lonely and that you only know yourself. Always remember, you’re not alone. These feelings don’t last long, and soon you will feel that it is your new home.

Mingle and go out with your new colleagues, try to find groups online to meet up, that are from your original country, so that this process is easier.

Take some time to meet your neighbors and people living around you. The sooner you connect with the locals, the sooner you will make a place in your heart for your new home.

Visa Support

You should always ask your employer if they give any kind of visa support.

If not, ask him for any information that you need to start the process.

Always Plan Ahead

Before moving to a new country, create a system that is good enough for you in order to help you prepare your moving to the new country, and to prepare for the next challenges. Even small things like clothes, paperwork and other things you might feel its relevant to you.

Here are some good things to always prepare or get accustomed to: language and culture – try and read more about the new country you’re going to, learn more about their customs and way of living, as well as, if you’re interested, try and learn a new language. You may be impressed how many doors that will open for you in a near future, local policies – always be aware of how certain laws work in the country, like taxes, so that you don’t get surprised.

Most Importantly – Family, Friends and Loved Ones

This one comes close to heart, I had to leave my loved ones back in my hometown, in search for a new opportunity in life. But it is a hard process, for you and them. So talk with them, let them take in what’s happening, in their due time. Try and explain to them, that this opportunity will help you grow as a professional.

And always keep in touch with them, they are, forever, your home team. Just like in soccer, they are your hometown crowd, they will always be there, through the thick and thin of it all.

These are just a few tips you can take. So, before you finish this flight, remember this: life and careers are just like flights. Sometimes, to get somewhere, it takes a long time and you might find some turbulence on the way.  But never forget, the destination will be all worth it when you arrive for this new exciting journey!

Mr. Island Castaway wishes you a pleasant stay in your new city and we hope to see you again very soon. On behalf of all our crew, here in CBT, thank you for choosing our company as your recruitment agency here, now and beyond!

Pleasant stay!

André Belchior
The Island Castaway

Featured image from vecteezy.com

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