Motivation vs Technical Skills: Is There a Real Fight? | By The Pirate

Motivation vs Technical Skills: Is There a Real Fight?

Spoiler alert: This article is not intended to overlap one competency over another. Both skills are essential to any worker, candidate, person. Therefore, regardless of how motivated you are, and regardless of how technical you may be, if you don’t have the combination of both you will be missing out the “other side of the moon.”

Hohohoho. The question arises: what led the Portuguese to arrive in India in 1498? Their technical skills exposed in the construction of their boats and the instruments they used, or the motivation to go further? I like to think it was both. The knowledge of the astrolabe combined with the willpower of the Lusitan people in defying the “fado”.

Again, I ask: what makes Cristiano Ronaldo the best? His astonishing abilities, or his motivation to succeed? Again the answer is both. Obviously, without his abilities, he would not be who he is. But, without his iron will to win and be the best. he would not be on the threshold that we recognize today.

In the world of work, when we want to get a job, we need to be aware if we have the ability to do it. This awareness does not pass only by realizing whether or not we have these “techniques”. Instead, it becomes important to realize if we can achieve these same techniques, if we want to learn, and if we have the ability to succeed in that position. That is, whether we know it or not, but also whether we want to do it or not.

Nowadays, it has become indispensable for any employer to have employees willing to grow and learn and develop themselves as workers and people, rather than having the technical tools. A motivated worker will put into practice (and in the best way) his technical skills which lead to a good job. Obviously joining the two of them, we get the perfect set.

Motivation fosters technical ability, while good technical abilities foster motivation. Anyone who has good technical skills and has no motivation will never learn more and will always be limited to “task” work. However, anyone who has the motivation but lacks the technical ability, regardless of the amount of motivation he/she has, will never do a perfect job.

Just as there are pirates of fresh and salt water, wild pirates and pirates in the service of kings, every person has their own best sea to swim. Meaning that some of us were born to be pirates, others to be doctors, others to be actors, etc. Realizing your call is important to enable a bigger growth and to take off in life in a better way.

Because, trust me, doing a job where technical skills outweigh the motivation, just makes it exhausting for those who do it. On the other hand, doing a job in where the motivation exceeds the technical capacity it will never translate in a perfect work because we do not have the “skills” to maximize the said function.

Everything becomes better in a balance between the two: technical ability as “rowing” to foster perfection of execution, and motivation as a “rudder” for the guidance of wanting more and better.

I started in these seas of recruiting before long. They believed in my technical skills as a good speaker and as a “people’s person.” I felt the same and internalized that I wanted to be better, that I wanted to learn. With the help of all those around me I grew up, and I grow daily. I feel motivated and I learn every day and, nowadays, I fight fierce battles in seas never before navigated by candidates ready to start discovering new treasures.

Life is like this. The technique, you can have it or not or you can learn it or not. But without motivation, you won’t be able to raise the “anchor”.

Pedro Soares
The Pirate

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