Face your challenges | By The Nak Muay

Face your challenges | By The Nak Muay

Persistence is a strong word which indicates determination, willpower, and character of those who do not give up easily.

Have you ever stopped to reflect in your persistence level?

Every day we need to get up and have that strength to react to all the positive and negative events surrounding us.

At this moment, you may be living frustrations in your professional area or may be accommodated with what you earn and do. However, what is ideal is that you are always prepared for new challenges.

Yes, prepared and persistent for both good and bad challenges.

When it comes personal experience, I was living in stability at my native country. Nevertheless, in every single moment, I was ready to face new challenges (and actually did). When I arrived at the country where I’m living at the moment, I saw myself in a completely different professional and personal situation.

I faced challenges that may have seen simple, but to me, were gigantic. I didn’t give up! I decided to mature ideas, improve myself and conquer the gigantic daily challenges I was facing.

I received an invite to work as a freelance recruiter at Cross Border Talents, then I was working remotely and, finally, I am one of the team leaders.

Of course, things did not happen in a day. It took a lot of effort, dedication, and determination. And, we won’t stop there, right? Our keyword is NOT accommodation!

Maybe you have already heard this phrase: Do not give up in your dreams.

The truth is, we need to objectively point out those dreams and know the possibilities of conquering them. What have you been doing exactly and how?

Let’s go to some question which only you can answer:

  • What is the dream I have?
  • What have I been doing to make it real?
  • If I face a step back, how am I going to react?
  • If I get excellent news, am I ready for change?
  • Even with all my personal and professional experience, am I available to learn and improve every single day?

Those answers only can give to yourself. However, what we need to speak about is that, yes, there will always be bad news and bad events. Nevertheless, there are also great news. This way, you cannot give up!

Prepare yourself, study, analyze financial matters, align your projects with the ones close to you, review your results and be persistent. Do this and you will achieve your dreams!

Danielle Cortes
The Nak Muay


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