4 Tips to Boost Your Career By The Coach

4 Tips to Boost Your Career By The Coach

The world has never been through a period of as much information circulation as it is today. The fact is that thousands of data reach us through various sources at all times. The challenge then is to filter out this information so that only relevant subjects are stored in our brain.

In the corporate world, it is very important that this filter exists. Updated professionals with relevant information are far ahead of the market and are able to boost their career in a much faster and more efficient way.

In this post, we list 4 ways to stay current and get out in front of other professionals.

1. Use blogs to expand your knowledge

Blogs are a good source of agile and direct information. Typically fast reading (5 to 6 minutes), this channel brings a variety of themes, allowing you to stay updated through smartphones, for example.

Anyone can create a page and start writing. The downside of this is that, on many occasions, these sources may not be reliable. A good filter, then, is to opt for blogs from companies specializing in the topics covered, or from professionals referenced in your area of update or interest. They are always one step ahead, sharing new ideas and tools.

2. Specialize through Courses

The more specialized in a subject you are, the more valued becomes. Therefore, investing in courses is essential for someone who wants to excel in the market where they operate.

There are basically two types of course: online and face-to-face.

Face-to-face courses have a great advantage over the other type when it comes to interaction and personality. In this type of teaching, debates and discussions are enriching in learning.

Online courses, on the other hand, come out ahead in practicality, since the student can realize it from the sofa in his home, for example. With the popularization of online teaching platforms, this channel has grown tremendously in recent years and it is possible to find current and relevant content in free courses available on the internet.

3. Download free e-books

E-books are a great choice when you want to find practical content. They present themselves in a very visual and interactive way, with infographics, lists, topics and many other devices aimed at passing the desired message in the clearest and didactic way possible.

4. Participate in events in your area of actuation or interest

Attending at events is an incredible strategy for the development of any professional. The fairs and congresses are environments that combine the two main factors to boost the career: learning and networking.

So if you want to always be aware of news and trends, it is worth investing in attending events or charging your company, an incentive to be there.

Share with us your initiatives to boost your career; blogs that access, e-books that have helped you, others that have not been quoted, and we will create a chain of good practices for information filtering.

Arilda Napoleão
The Coach

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