Top 3 Benefits of Flexibility at Work by The Student

3 Benefits of Flexibility at Work by The Student

In an ever-evolving world, managers have realized that flexible working arrangements are a great way to attract and retain talent. Here are my top 3 reasons why even more companies should introduce this possibility.

1 – You Get More Things Done

In a world where our focus is challenged all the time, flexibility can help you to concentrate better on your tasks. If you spend three or four fixed days a week in which you have to get the same amount done as your colleagues working full time, you will most likely think twice about “quickly” checking Twitter. Furthermore, the sense of ownership of your work and your responsibilities that you get if your boss is allowing you to arrange your workload differently will increase your motivation.

2 – Better Inputs

Being able to get out of the work environment and talking to the same colleagues every day, will make you a more well-rounded person with time to develop the interests you have outside of your job. The new inputs you receive from that will make your inputs at work more interesting.

3 – Helps to Create a Diverse Workforce

If a company sticks to the 9 to 5 office mentality, it will most likely not be able to hire or retain the talents needed to grow the company. Flexible working arrangements, specifically remote work, open the door to a global workforce and to those who would normally not have the chance to work.

The Student

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