How To Do a Skype Interview Like a Boss!

Skype Interview

Adopt the right attitude

Keep in mind that a video interview is similar to a physical one. The attitude presented into the interview can be seen through the camera and remember to adopt a correct posture. As a matter of fact, seeing the candidate lying in bed with flowers wallpaper may not be very appealing to the recruiter. Always articulate properly so the recruiter is able to understand everything and try to look straight ahead, in order to avoid the fact that he might think that someone is helping you.

Pay attention to the form

Find yourself a quiet and comfortable place, (your bed is out of questions), preferably with a white background and also the moment when you are pretty sure you won’t be disturbed. Also, dress up as you were going for a personal interview, it’s always a plus to look nice and clean. I’m sure that you know this one already, but please always mute your mobile phone!

Prepare yourself

An online interview is as serious as a personal one. Remember to well be informed about the company beforehand. As with all personal interviews, prepare yourself a speech on your motivation, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Being able to transmit your goals for the future at different perspectives is always helpful. Hesitations, even through video can be seen and understood, so if necessary practice until you feel at ease.

Duarte Miguel
The Hunter

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