Team Leadership In a Remote Environment | By the Hyper

Team Leadership In a Remote Environment | By the Hyper

Once again I have the honor of writing about my experience as a recruiter and team leader (TL) on our awesome blog!

Today a bring you a different topic. I am not going to touch on the recruitment dimension of my work in Cross Border Talents (CBT) but I will try to make us think about the leadership aspect, in this specific case, leading a team of remote recruiters.

CBT has a unique approach that enables people from all backgrounds, geographies and professional situations to work with the company and increase their remuneration and their experience. So, let’s say, you can be a marketer in Poland that wants to increase its remuneration and apply to be a remote recruiter at CBT to reach that goal or you can be a university recent graduate who wants some experience in the HR area. We essentially look for determination, perseverance and an open mind.

So, a Team Leader in our company has a challenging but rewarding task – he/she will lead and manage a team with people from all around the world, with different expectations, backgrounds, know-how, and availability. Our objective as a team leader is to make sure all the members are on the path to reach their own objectives!

What are the main aspects a Team Leader needs to have in consideration if success is the goal?

  • Communication
  • Tech-savvy
  • Be intuitive
  • Show appreciation

Good communication is the base ground for a good team management. A remote Team Leader should do more of everything that a normal TL would do to compensate for not being physically present. Engage regularly with the team (a good morning, hope everything is good today is an awesome way to start).

This leads us to our second topic, tech-savvy. Look for ways to enhance communication and work management – you can use google drive and share an excel that all the team members can see and work on, it’s not productive so send emails with updated versions every day, right?

Intuition plays a major role. A good manager has to be able to understand people not only from what they hear but from what they don’t hear too. If a team member is communicating less you should understand that something is going on and it’s time to act!

Last but not the least, appreciation is a powerful tool. Your team didn’t reach the objectives but they worked hard and tried their best? It’s your role to show them gratitude and give them more tools to be successful.

I could go on and on about leadership and team management, but these are the topics I chose today. What do you think?

If you want to work with us as Remote Recruiter, you can apply here!

Ricardo Veiga
The Hyper


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