Do Recruiters Look to our Social Media besides LinkedIn? | By The Android

Social Media has a such a big presence in our lives nowadays that is a question that could be interpreted in several ways.

Do recruiters go look to our Social Media as a part of the recruitment process?

The objective here is to find out how the applicant behaves in a context outside of job interviews in order to try to judge the applicants’ character. Although this is a practice we hear is being done in the USA, or in big companies, it doesn’t seem to have reached our corner of the world yet.

Do recruiters go look for us on other Social Media besides LinkedIn?

Although this is also not a common practice, there are times where recruiters do look for candidates on other Social Media platforms, usually when we can’t seem to be able to reach them by LinkedIn or other means of contact that has been given to us by the candidate.

Do recruiters go look for candidates on other Social Media besides LinkedIn?

LinkedIn was a big game changer when it came into the market with the idea of combining social media with recruitment, and after its proven value we begin to see more and more recruiters expanding into other Social Media platforms trying to open new sources to recruit candidates. Not only this but it seems that with the pressure of always needing to stay relevant and improving, Social Media platforms are trying to implement new ways to keep it’s users engaged for a longer time and being a bigger part of their lives which means other Social Media platforms are now also creating channels for its users to connect with employers (e.g., Facebook Jobs).

Indeed, there is a recent trend with companies trying to ally digital marketing with recruitment through Social Media to attract and engage with potential candidates. And it’s a trend that seems to be here to stay. Besides having a LinkedIn page, having Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages are now seen as a staple for most companies out there. There are also some companies that are beginning not only to have an Instagram account but also using Instagram ads to have people apply directly through this platform.

Social Media is becoming more and more of a bigger part of our lives and companies are more and more interested in what we do on it, this is also valid for recruitment. Given that the probability of recruiters and potential employers being interested in our Social Media is rising, it is perhaps a good idea to be more aware of how we present ourselves online and how we interact with it.

Daniel Andrade
The Android

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