From the first contact to the contract – Where does my job application go? | by the TransAtlantic

from contact to contract

So, you were approached by a recruiter or applied for a job, and it seems like a very good opportunity to move your career to the next level. Now you have sent your CV and… what else?

Not a day goes by that I don’t see people complaining, with reason, about lack of feedback and lack of interest by the companies in explaining what is actually happening.

To remedy that, today I will try to give you a sense of the way a job application goes. Of course, every company is different and this is just a general picture.

Recruitment process
Yes, this will look a lot like mountain climbing.

If you applied to a job yourself, start at step 1. If you applied through a recruiter at step two.

1. The company receives your application:

At this stage, your CV is in the same gigantic virtual basket with hundreds, maybe thousands, of other CVs. Here someone will screen all the CVs and identify the ones that go to the next phase.

2. Your application gets screened and you got selected for the first contact:

Nice! Your first victory, and it’s not a small one, believe me. As someone who screens CVs daily I must tell you that getting to this phase requires a good amount of time invested in perfecting the way you are presenting yourself, be it in the form of a CV, a personal website, LinkedIn profile and so on.

Now you will receive a contact from someone within the company and, if everything fits, you will advance to step 3.

3. Skype or in-person interview:

You are now in the phase that everyone wants a chance to get to, the phase where you can show all your skills and talk about your motivations, values and previous experience. All good? Move to step 4!

4. Technical interview:

If you will have a technical job, this is probably going to happen. It’s common for companies to ask to fulfill online platforms, do pair-to-pair tasks with a future colleague and other activities. Impeccable score and you are good to move forward.

5. Hiring Manager interview:

Fantastic, you are now in your way to getting an offer letter! You have already proven yourself, both personally and technically and there should be little doubt about if you are a good match for the company and if you like them as well. Mainly a talking session to agree on employment terms and confirming both parties will to advance.

6. You get an offer letter:

Congratulations! You are now officially in. Well, at least if you accept it. 🙂

As I said in the beginning, this is a glimpse of what a recruitment and selection process look like and should not be regarded as a general rule.

I hope this clarifies a little bit of what happens behind the scenes.

Until the next time!

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Thiago Fagundes
The Transatlantic

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