The Importance of Soft Skills | By The Relentless

Why Soft Skills Are important

Why are soft skills important when recruiting for ICT or Engineering positions?

These two niches are very specific when we talk about hard skills. The academic background teaches their students, the tools they need to master, in order to be successful ay any job they apply too. Even though this is more than half of what companies/clients/recruiters look for, there is still something that is lacking when you look at a CV.

Every company has a motto or a mission, and sometimes the most qualified candidate (on paper) may not be the best fit for a position if they do not intake that moto.

Here is why we talk about soft skills and how they are important:

Nowadays, most clients are in international contexts, this means that in order for a department to fully excel in their work they need to collaborate with other, so Team Work is necessary. If you have a problem with working with others, how can you be an asset?

Another example, the art of communication. When something goes unpredictably wrong how do we approach the situation? Either it was your own fault or not, we all have a hierarchy we need to give answers to. We should know how to be confident even while explaining what has happened. Confidence is key to most things, even in mistakes, and the way you communicate to a superior must be different from talking to a friend:

– “Yeah, this was unexpected, but well, it happens.” or “The (situation) happened, we made all efforts possible on resolving the (situation). Even though it is yet not ideal, we will keep addressing the issue and improve”.

Recruitment is more than looking at hard skill and CV’s, we don’t work with machines and code them to do a particular job. We work with people: and the human being is a complex creature. In this sense, there is always an emotional side that needs to be addressed.

Talk to candidates, know what they feel comfortable doing and what they love doing (work wise) when you have empathy towards others, and this is reciprocated, both jobs are done extraordinarily better.

I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.

– Lawrence Bossidy

Ana Queiroz
The Relentless


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