Why should you connect with the Recruiters in LinkedIn from the company you want to work in? | by the Muggle

linkedin recruiters

The recruitment area has become predominantly online based over the recent years so using social media, as LinkedIn, to boost your career is the right way to go! The traditional recruitment way – Responding to job offers posted in job platforms – is starting to give place to a new recruitment paradigm were the companies are sourcing for the right candidates instead of waiting for them to apply for a job opening.

If you have a company where you dream to work use LinkedIn to help you get that dream come true! You can start by following the company, this will allow you to gathering updated information about the company and give you the opportunity to increase your network inside that company. The second thing to do is review your profile. Write more than just the job positon title in your working experiences, so people can use you LinkedIn profile to match opportunities to your skills. Don’t forget to show some personality and be careful with grammar and typing errors. Finally, you are ready to start adding recruiters for your dream company to your LinkedIn network! When you do the invitation include a personalized message, you want to arouse interest that make the recruiter go to your profile. In my opinion this connections are extremely important because it keeps a door open for future opportunities, since most of the time it is possible that the opening that you are looking for is not available at that moment. Therefore, you stay in the radar of the recruiter!

Other interesting thing that you can do on LinkedIn to boost your chances of finding your dream job is to connect with recruiters that work in your target industry because you never know what recruitment company is doing the recruitment for the company that you want to work!

To finish, don’t be afraid of connecting with as many people you can within your industry or recruiters that work with that industry, the worst thing that can happen is for you to see your network expanded or get an offer in the field that you are looking for that can help you get the dream job in the end!

Patrícia Demétrio
The Muggle

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