Living abroad as an highlight on your Resume by The Psychologist

Moving to another country is not always an easy decision! Independently of the reason why you decide to do that, for example, as an Erasmus experience, Gap Year, Volunteer Experience, or you just decide to work abroad because you’ve found a job with good conditions.

After this country change it is necessary an adjustment period – to the new language, people, food, habits, culture, smells, traffic, whatever! There are times, specially in the beginning, when you might feel homesick and is even normal that sometimes you think you should have stayed in your comfort zone. But, trust me (I’ve done that before) – living abroad is one of the most enriching experiences you will ever have and it changes your life for the better!! Stepping out of your comfort zone brings you several benefits and they are not only just personal benefits, as becoming more resilient or simply learning a new language – living abroad is also a highlight on your resume and can make a difference on your career!!

At Cross Border Talents for most of the positions I’ve been recruiting for, it is necessary the relocation of the candidate and at this point if I see on a Resume that the candidate has international experience, this is a big plus because it predicts a good adjustment to the new adventure abroad (which is the profile of candidate I am looking for)!

Even for the positions which don’t require relocation, an experience abroad on a Resume is always a plus and makes a difference specially if I am in doubt for which candidate should I go, because it also shows me that this person has some personality traits which can also predict the adjustment of this candidate to the new employer.

In general, living abroad requires a lot of resilience, openness to new experiences, flexibility, which is a “must have” nowadays with the constant changes of the market! If you’re in doubt of taking this step on your career, I just can tell you – go ahead!! And if you’re moving to an european country, don’t even think twice – you can visit your family and friends often, you become more international, you have Skype and maybe some years later you can find that dream job in your home country which you get exactly because you’ve worked abroad!

Living abroad doesn’t kill you… It just makes you stronger!!

Daniela Ferreira
The Psychologist

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