What are recruiters looking for in an interview? by The Hunter

For us, the job interview is an essential exercise that will allow to know if you are the perfect candidate. However, we have limited time. So, what are we going to focus on?

If you came up to the interview, the recruiter has already estimated that you have the required abilities for the job position. Therefore, it will allow to assess and check if your skills match what is displayed on your CV.

If you are dealing with your future manager, you cannot escape some technical questions like “If you are facing such problem, how would you address it?”. The recruiter can go even further with a skills’ test or a practical exercise. If the position requires another language like English, it will be sure that you will have to show it.

The recruiter needs to be reassured, that he has done the right choice. The engagement in the interview and the interest shown in the job position are therefore very important. The motivation can even make the difference between two candidates with equal skills.

To assess your enthusiasm, the recruiter might ask this type of questions:

  • What is attracting you the most in the job offer?
  • Why would you choose between our company rather than another?
  • What did you prefer in your last job? What you didn’t?

Depending on how you speak, your attention and your reaction, the recruiter will also try to get an idea of your personality. Sometimes the choice it’s even a question of feeling.

Avoid crossing arms since it’s generally interpreted as a lack of openness and listening and don’t avoid eye contact because it may indicate that you are shy or unsociable…

Recruiters might also ask you several questions to check your temper like if you have already faced a conflict and how have you solved it, if the pressure motivates you it or you stress you out, what has been the most difficult decision that you have made, etc…

The candidate must prove that he is not there by chance. The recruiter wants to understand if there is any potential to progress inside the company. You must be able to explain why you have chosen this company and what you expect from your career, for example for how long do you think staying at this position?

The recruiter simply wants to know if you intend to leave the company in six months unless the contract has a fixed term, forcing him to find someone new and engage him in a new training program, or if you are looking for a long-time job. Normally people looking for a long-term project are preferred.

Duarte Miguel
The Hunter

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