Six Ways to Have a Win-Win Situation in an Interview

Six ways for a win-win situation: how to please a recruiter and how a recruiter can be pleased by the candidate

We all know that recruitment might be hard, being that for the recruiter or for the candidate. Let’s see it from my role, as a recruiter. All day, we present several different offers to several people from several different countries in the world. Guess what, we are also humans! This way, sometimes, we might get a little bit stressed or “lost” by showing some offer. But don’t worry! We are professionals and will find you the perfect fit for your profile!

On the other hand, there’s the candidate part. We all went to interviews before, we were all stressed out without knowing what to say in an interview at some point. Don’t worry, recruiters also know how stressful can be to have an interview by Skype or personally with a recruiter.

With this two (bad and true) points from both sides together, I would like to show you 6 ways to have a win-win situation, so none of the sides fail:

How to please the recruiter:

  • Talk. Don’t be shy. Talk about your experiences, how motivated you are to work in the position that the recruiter is offering you;
  • Answer all the questions that the recruiter askes and be honest;
  • Always, but always, make sure that you study the offer before the interview. With this, you, as a candidate, won’t lose time by doing an interview without knowing well the offer and without the questions prepared. Moreover, you don’t make the recruiter lose time by showing and present the offer to you all over again.

How to please the candidate:

  • Always show up on time!!!! It’s not that cool to show up late (unless, of course, you had some urgent matter!);
  • Showing confidence in the offer that we are presenting is half way for the candidate to accept your offer!
  • Try to be friendly. Nothing gives more confidence than a nice person with nice manners and a smile in her face.

Well, this is my opinion! Let me know what you think and feel free to give your own tips to have a win-win situation!

Adriana Marques
The Smallest

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