The Hyper: HR, It’s Really About People!

HR – Human Resources, this definition always made me thought that maybe we are doing something wrong, I will elaborate on that idea later.  The Business Dictionary defines this term as being a “division of a company” that deals with areas like “recruiting and hiring new people”, “orientation and training”   and other areas.

We have other terms like:

HC-Human Capital that in the organizational context refers to the  “collective value of the intellectual capital ( competencies, knowledge and skills)” . This HC is owned by the employs so if the company doesn’t retain its workforce they will lose valuable assets.

I decided to start this small opinion text by putting the definitions above because a great number of people I interact with have a limited idea of what HR it’s really about and what it should be.

First we have to understand that HR doesn’t relate only to the management of some employees related areas in a company. Today we have companies like consulting firms, that work with HR process and that is considered also HR – recruitment, training, external evaluations, and others.  It´s also a consultant job to make sure that the candidates understand what ´s the main focus of HR.

Following that idea, a recruiting consultant must not adopt a Tayloriste perspective of the world of HR. A recruitment consultant (or any HR professional) must understand that people suffer from what we suffer – monotony, demotivation, lack of autonomy (to put their ideas into practice) and so much more.

Candidates are Human beings, like you and me, so an Humanist approach it’s the best way to go!

Besides this, Persistence and Resilience are two personality traits that you should cultivate. Sometimes, it can be really frustrating to deal with a lot of situations that are common between people – mistakes- . The candidate doesn’t send you the required documentation, they are late for the interview, etc. Make sure you understand the whole picture before taking action.

Human Resources?  Well we´re not resources, sometimes terminology matters! We are people and so the HR approach should have in consideration the complexity that a human being represents.

I hope I was able to make us think about the subject. If we do that I believe we are a step closer to be better professionals. Don’t forget we´re talking of soft skills here, they are harder to master but their value is, without a doubt great!

Ricardo Veiga,

The Hyper

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