Is it True that the Recruiter Knows if He’s Going to Hire You in the First 5 Seconds?

No, it’s not! 🙂

But hold your horses for the true is… far worse. 😦

Accordingly to a research published in the The Journal of Neuroscience our brains judge someone within milliseconds. Even more bizarre, we judge people face trustworthiness even without ever seeing it!

Based on that kind of information, you can only hope for the best when it comes how you are perceived by the recruiter, right? Not really!

It is known that the first impressions count but in an interview you will have time to undo the recruiter bias and leave a different, let’s hope better, impression on him/her.

You can do that by being prepared for the interview in such ways as:

– Knowing your answers for most common questions regarding your past experiences and motivations for the future.
– Dressing in a way that matches the company culture. The tip here is to dress exactly the way you would be dressing in your day-to-day when you land the job.
– Being prepared for technical questions and tests, if you position requires it.

In that way you will have plenty of ways to overcome first impressions and mold the way you want to be remembered.

I wish you luck in your next interviews!


Thiago Fagundes

The TransAtlantic

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