Happy Hour | Impact of Music on Productivity

Hello everyone,

Every friday our company joins together all its members and one of us will bring a subject to the table for discussion. We call it our Happy Hour 🙂 From now on every Friday we will share with you the subject and our thoughts addressed in this meeting.

Last week we talked about:

The Impact of Music on Productivity

Infographic from FX

We all agreed, music was hugely important to our focus and to push forward even when our mood was not the best for a productive day. Moreover, we shared that depending in what kind of work we are doing we listen to different genres of music.

One example was given by our digital marketer, Daniel who shared that when he was writing the Semicolon Story for this blog he would listen music that complemented the scene he was writing. For example when he was writing the scene of going down the well he listened to suspense music, while when he was writing the last battle he went and listened to a more epic/action music.

And you? What do you think about the importance of music towards productivity and what genre do you normally listen when working? Comment down below! 🙂


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