Interview Persona, Should You Have One or Not? | By The Android

As human beings living in society, there are certain complex rules involving social situations that we should follow in order to best fit in the professional environments we want to become part of. To every particular situation, we must adapt, molding bits and pieces of our demeanour in order to better perform in said social situation. Let’s take a job interview as an example.

Depending on the company we are aplying to, there are certain rules or guidelines made specifically for said company, to wich we must abide in order to qualify. These include clothing (formal or informal), language we must speak or even if we adopt a serious demeanour or if we smile a bit more. This all depends on what the company is looking for in their employees. All of this does not mean we should change our personalities completly. If we were to create a persona for every single social situation we were presented with, we would come off as less honest than someone who consistently merely adapts to the situations.

Being yourself is always an asset because we always sound more honest and true when we are ourselves. A smile can be heard in your voice only when it is honest. Trying too hard to change yourself because you don’t think you’re good enough, will have an impact in your voice and in the way you answer the questions that are being asked, therefore giving the impression you’re being false. This is easily spotted by the people doing your interview, for they are trained to look for these tell-tale signs. So, to assure a sucessful conversation, try to adapt to the company’s guidelines but don’t change your personality completely. An honest and confident posture and dialogue will distinguish you from the other candidates, giving you a slight advantage that is much needed in this competitive corporate world.

When interviewing for any job, you of course want to dress appropriately for the position, but you also want to stay true to who you are.

Nina Garcia, chief editor of Elle

Daniel Andrade

The Android

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