Interview Persona, Should You Have One or Not? | By The Kaizen

The interview is another important stage in the recruitment process. The issue raised is very pertinent. There are several currents of thought on this issue.

Some say that it is important to shape ourselves for this moment, others say just to be ourselves. In my opinion the positions complement themselves. It is important to show who we are, our essence, our values to the interviewer. We pass this information by the way are speaking, the way we present ourselves, our ideas about something, etc. Recruiters assume that this way of being shown in the interview will be perpetuated for some time and therefore it is not expected to change drastically in the next days. The recruiter aims to evaluate everything that happens during the interview. If you are selected it is because you fit the values ​​of the company and you have the skills they are looking for. As I said earlier, it is very important that the posture demonstrated during the interview does not differ much from the posture of the candidate who was approved and got the job. If this happens the company may feel cheated and as such the work you have achieved may be at risk.

As you can see, if you show a person you are not, it may not be the best thing to do because you will have to maintain that posture for some time and it may not go well.

Having said this, we must actually show who we are but, here is the junction of the two strands, in an improved way.

Even because the improvement should be a process of everyday life. We must always strive to improve our weaknesses. If there is a problem of diction we have to look for exercises to improve our diction. If we find it difficult to state our ideas, we must seek a solution to improve the way we are transmitting them.

This way we do not stop being who we are, we have only perfected ourselves.

A situation that is quite frequent is the candidacy for a job that you do not like.  Sometimes candidates say that it is not the job they want or that they do not imagine themselves working there for a long time etc.

In this case, place yourself in the recruiters role. It is terrible to hear that someone does not like our company, or does not see themselves there in the future. Such situations are unnecessary. Admittedly, you may be being yourself in giving your opinion about the work, but it is also certain that the recruiter may not like your honest opinion. In this type of situation, if you apply for a job opportunity make sure that you are really interested and that you are a plus for the company and not the other way around. So you can be yourself and the recruiter will thank you.

In short: be yourself but continue to improve constantly.

Mauro Magalhães,

The Kaizen

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