Semicolon Short Story | Chapter 4: The Golden Keyboard

Semicolon peeked down through the well, it was pitch black. He took a deep breath and looked around him looking for something to help him go down. Destruction was everywhere, only the well seemed to stay intact, Semicolon hoped that was a good prediction for his journey, although if he was completely honest he just felt scared and wanted to go home, but… He couldn’t. He had to do this! He wasn’t able to find anyone while walking towards the well, so there was no one he could pass the mission.

Finally, he was able to find a rope in the middle of all the waste that would be used in that day to upgrade the well, if not for the calamity happening from one moment to another. He prepared everything and after making sure the rope was well tight he started to descend.

It took some minutes until his eyes adjusted to the darkness, contrary to what he thought the light of the blue sky was able to reach inside the well, although not much at least he was not descending the well in absolute darkness.

After 10 minutes of hard work, when Semicolon was starting to think he would not be able to do this and just fell down due to his arms tiredness, a new light appeared from below, this time a yellow one. With that light, Semicolon was able to see that the water level was close and right above that there was a hole in one of the well walls. Rejuvenated with the promise of being almost finished with the descent, Semicolon doubled the efforts and in a bit he had his feet finally in a solid surface.

The light was stronger and Semicolon knew that the keyboard had to be close. He started walking faster until an arm came out from one of the sides abruptly and stopped him. Semicolon’s heart stopped for a bit and he let out a scream that if someone was up there near the well would hear it!

– What the code? – Semicolon screamed – Who the function are you?

– For you to pass you have to answer me correctly – the shadow said.

– Sorry? Can you please move forward? I can’t see you!

– Quiet! For you to pass you have to answer me correctly! Are you up for the task?

– I… Guess?

– The penalty is death! Are you sure you want to continue? If you say yes, there is no escape!

“Well… I will die both ways, so it’s better for me to try it” – Semicolon thought to himself

– Yes, I want to continue – Semicolon’s answered with his voice shaking

– Very well! The riddle is: I have keys, but no locks. I have space, but no room. You can enter, but can’t go outside. What am I?

– I have keys…. But no locks… I have space… But no room…. You can enter, but can’t go… That’s easy! It’s a keyboard!

The shadow laughed:

– I never said it was going to be difficult, did I? The idea here is to see if you really want the holy golden keyboard and are even willing to die for it!

– Well, if I don’t get it I would the same way since I would not be able to beat Bug so deciding to do it was really easy!

– Bug you said? We are being attacked by Bug?

– Well… Yes!

– Why didn’t you say sooner? You need to get the golden keyboard the fastest you can! Go! Now!

Semicolon was not understanding what was happening in a bit… Maybe this was all a dream… Semicolon pressed forward. The light was getting brighter and brighter to the point of blinding him, the temperature was also getting higher and higher. Sweating and with his eyes closed Semicolon was finally able to arrive the room with the keyboard. The room was full of light and it seemed like an oven of how much hot was in there.

Semicolon took a deep breath and started walking inside the room… The moment he put his first foot in the ground he sent a huge pulse of force repelling him back. He stood his ground and started to take a step by step approach to the keyboard which was in the middle of the room. Every time he gave another step, another pulse of force he felt, every time he got closed the more strength those pulses had.

After a battle which seemed to take hours, Semicolon was finally able to put one hand on top of the keyboard. Everything went black and the temperature dropped. Semicolon let himself fall in the floor, heavy breathing he though “I did it! I got the Holy Golden Keyboard!”

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