Semicolon Short Story | Chapter 3: Revelations

Never in all his life Semicolon had experienced so much brightness. Used to the greenish light coming from the sky and the yellow from the street lamps, this new blue brightness was damaging his eyes. He closed them tight. He didn’t know what to do, the only thing he knew is that he was scared, scared like he never was in all his life. He could hear all the screaming around him, but again not idea where the screaming was coming from, no… That was not the problem, the problem was that the screaming was coming from everywhere.

However, after some minutes with his eyes closed he was able to focus his hearing and recognized a noise near him. It was coming from the house which garden he was standing. It was not screaming, but the noise of wood plates being moved. With all of his strength he opened his eyes and started looking to where the noise was coming from and that’s when he saw it, some part of the rambles were moving. Semicolon ran with all his strength and started making his best to pull out the waste that was in the top. After some minutes that seemed hours Semicolon was able to see what appeared to be an arm, someone was buried below all the wood. Semicolon took a deep breath and maximized his efforts to take everything out the fastest as he can.

When he finally was able to take the last piece of wood he was able to recognize who was this person, it was one of his biggest friends, IfFunction. With all the chaos he didn’t even realized that it was his house. IfFunction was badly injured and he seemed to be passed out, but that’s when his mouth opened and started talking:

– If you can hear me, please hear me with attention!

– IfFunction are you alright? – Semicolon asked

– If you can hear me, please shut up and hear me.

– Ok! IfFunction I am hearing you!

– If you don’t know what is happening, I’ll tell you. We are being attacked by Bug!

– Bug?

– If you don’t know about Bug, I will explain it. Bug has been coming to all the worlds around us and he only wants something, to destroy everything and now, well… It seems that we are next!

– Oh My Motherboard! What can we do about this? Everything seems to be already destroyed!

– If you are the nearest person near me I’ll say it to you. You need to find the Golden Keyboard, the one that legend says that will transform everything you code with it materialize.

– Where can I find this?

– If you want to know where it is I’ll tell you. The keyboard is in the depths of the well that you have been upgrading. But beware! Getting it is no small feat, no one was ever able to do it, It is said that only the Hero in the time of utmost need will be able to do it.

– What? I am no Hero IfFunction, I won’t be able to do it.

– If the sky is blue then we have little time. You may or may not be the Hero, but you are the only one here and there is no time to find a person that for decades was not found, so please, go and try it. If you are not able to do it, then we are doomed. But, if you don’t even try it we are doomed for sure. Now go! You don’t have time to waste

– What about you? I can’t just let you here. You will die.

– If you are able to destroy the bug then I will be able to live. Now, go!

Semicolon looked at his friend for a second in a way to say goodbye, standed  up and started running towards the well. He knew that IfFunction couldn’t lie, since everything he said had to follow logic. Little he knew that since IfFunction was almost dying nothing mattered.

Looking at the blue sky, IfFuntion saw a dark spectre passing. Hoping that Semicolon would be able to save the world, he closed his eyes and started his eternal sleep.

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