Semicolon Short Story | Chapter 2: The Destruction

It has been one minute since SemiColon saw the dead pixel dropping from the sky when he sensed a great tremble. He looked around himself trying to understand where that shake was coming from, the sensation was getting more powerful within seconds and after the fifth shake Semicolon realized that the shaking was coming from the ground itself.

“What in the mother of board is this?” Semicolon thought to himself, he had never felt something like this in his life. With this thoughts a new tremble came, way harder than any before, Semicolon only had time to grab the street lamp to not fall down. He looked straight forward to the end of the street and he saw the buildings shaking more and more to the point they would seem to break in any second and that’s what happened. Everything around himself started falling, the floor near him started to break and opening fissures along all the street. From a survival instinct he took a deep breath and started running to the nearest house. Jumped the fence and stopped himself in the middle of the garden. If he was lucky the floor wouldn’t start opening where he stood, if not, well… Let us say that it was his best shot of surviving what it seemed to be the apocalypse.

The trembles stopped as fast as they started, but the damage was done. Semicolon looked around himself only to see a bunch of rumble in the floor. All the houses in his eye radius were completely destroyed, the peaceful street only a few minutes earlier was now a huge hole in the ground. Everything was silent, however, now that the dust was starting to settle, it was possible to hear scream noises from everywhere. Semicolon started trying to pint point where the screams were coming from, but with no results. He closed his eyes, moved is head up to the sky and opened them again trying to figure out what to do and that’s when he noticed… The sky was no longer black, Green 0s and 1s were not there passing through and giving light to the street, what he saw was white letters saying “Fatal Error” across a blue sky. What was happening?

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