Semicolon Short Story | Chapter 1: The Beginning

In a galaxy far away, ok not that far away, in reality it is not even a galaxy. Let’s start it again! This story could happen in my, yours or anyone’s computer. This is a story of a hero, someone who sacrificed himself to save the population… This story starts in a coding village where everyone lived in peace and worked together so the village could run without errors. Yes, all the coding references are there and will be throughout the story!

Our Hero is semicolon. His main job is managing the work in the village. He is the one that dictates when a job needs to start and when it needs to end. Everyone in the village respects him and they know that without semicolon everything would just be pretty much confusing and fall apart in a second. However, for some kind of fate, people did forget about him pretty quickly.

Our story starts as just another day in Semicolon’s life. He woke up went to his front door and greeted as everyone in the rest of the village. “Hello World” he shouted. Nobody knew when or why did this daily activity started, but everyone did it by the book daily. Afterwards, Semicolon came back to his house and started his preparations to get to work. Today he had three different projects, one was starting the upgrade of the water wheel which basically meant to transform it into a cycle and this way being able to take out water automatically, the second ending a construction that has been being built for a month now and lastly start a new house construction which he felt that he would only close it after some months since the house programming was way too complex.

He left home, closed his door behind me, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It has been raining during the night and he loved the electricity smell that was in the air after those nights. Afterwards he started his walking while looking to the black sky full of green 0s and 1s and daydreaming about the funny cat video he had seen yesterday. It was only after some minutes that he noticed a small white dot in the sky and the same time something falling. It was a dead pixel and that’s when everything changed.

To Be Continued

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