What To Do In… Lisbon, Portugal #2

I’m here to talk with you about an opportunity to work in the greatest city in the world (in my opinion, of course!), Lisbon!

It’s great to travel to a new city, a city that it’s one of the bests to live! I’m from Lisbon, or as we call, I’m an “alfacinha de gema”. It’s perfect live in a city where you have beach’s in 5 minutes from the city, or where is culture everywhere.


You leave work and you can go to watch the perfect sunset in some hill, while you drink some beer. After that sunset, you can move until one of the coolest areas from Lisbon, that is Cais Sodré, where the night goes until the morning and where are music and bares of every kind!


I wake up in a Sunday morning thinking “which museum am I going to see to today?”, but there’s no need to think a lot about it, since the whole city is a open sky museum.


Well, this is what you can see if you apply to one of CBT offers to Lisbon. And I hope to see you soon here!

Adriana Marques,

The Smallest

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