How Should You Prepare For Your Next interview? | By The Kaizen

The job interview is an important milestone. It means that there is interest on the part of the employer towards the candidate. It is a time when two entities intersect and exchange information. It is true that one side will analyze the information of the other party and evaluate if the content fits the dynamics of the company. The initial interview can dictate a new phase of life that can go in a negative or positive direction. In order to counteract the negative trend, it is necessary to invest some preparation time for this moment. The interviewed should use as much information as possible about the company. Companies appreciate when candidates know the company’s background. Go to google and search for all the information about the company. This shows that in fact it may be an objective of the candidate to work in this company, this shows the candidate’s interest in the company. In addition to knowing the company to which you are applying, it is important to know the conditions offered and the functions of the work in question. If you show that you are well acquainted with the role you will play in the company as well as the conditions it is half way to the recruiter to realize that you are not wasting your time with someone who does not care about the job and who really is someone who is committed and integrated into the reality they seek.

Another relevant point relates to your speech. Speech is an important weapon of persuasion, in this sense must be refined. When you are alone, try to talk about the roles you can perform in your new job and serious. See how your speech is, whether it is eloquent or is often said “ahhhhh” or “hummm” to the bottom of the speech. Try to have a fluent speech, use your proper vocabulary, do not be monochordic, show interest and empathy throughout the conversation.

The presentation is also important. Use an indomentary according to the moment. A good presentation is always recommended.

In the same way you should practice your speech you should also practice some postures. Try not to have a stiff or very relaxed posture. The middle ground is the one indicated. Show confidence in your posture.

These are some points to take into consideration for an interview and that can be worked out.

Good luck!

Mauro Magalhães,

The Kaizen

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