How to Have a Good LinkedIn Profile by The Hunter

Whether you’re looking to build your company’s online presence, or even to develop your business on social networks, LinkedIn is for sure the platform that you will need.

First, you will need to create a profile for yourself and then maybe a page for your business. What you need to know in fact, is that this part is decisive for the rest of your activity on this social network. Since this is a professional network, people will spend the time to search your profile. As their time is valuable, they won’t bind to people with whom they have no professional affinity. We are not on Facebook, we’re here to do business.

I often have the opportunity to provide advice to clients on how to behave on LinkedIn, and I am always so surprised to see that many do not pay attention to details, preventing them from making the most of this excellent tool.

When people view your profile, the first thing that will get their attention it’s your profile picture, then your professional title. It must capture the attention of the first shot! If you manage well this step, it means that you got the interest your networking. But it is not over, you must them give people a reason to know more about you.

That’s why it’s called a summary of profile and it is mainly for this you must give the greatest attention. Be aware that most employers stop scrolling your profile when they don’t find anything inspiring for their business.

What should you introduce LinkedIn’s profile?

Your Curriculum Vitae is the marketing part of your profile. It is here that you must “sell” you or should, I say, sell your story. Well Yes, it’s your story that your profile visitors will want to read. They expect you to give them enough reasons so that they go further in your profile, and especially to link a business relationship with you.

Your story as its name suggests, must apply to the emotions of the reader. Tell what brought you here or you are today, what you liked most and what drives you every day to go to work. Then why not, tell how you intend to improve the lives of the people with whom you work.

Another aspect, that should not be overlooked, is the use of keywords related to your field of activity. As well the title in your CV, these keywords will serve to improve your positioning in the LinkedIn search engine when people seek professionals in their fields.

To conclude, Linkedin is now one of the most important working tools not only for emoloyees but also for employers!

Duarte Miguel


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