How to write a Good Curriculum? From the Kaizen Perspective

Imagine that one piece of paper needs to describe you in a very precise way. That one piece of papper need to be well thought because, as I said, it must have all the key information about you. In order to present all of your essence in a piece of papper we decided to created some topics to assist you in this hard task:
  1. It’s very important to have all of your contact details, like your phone number, e-mail address, etc., in your cv. It’s important to make you reachable.
  2. Another important topic to include is the employment history. Don’t try to put every single detail of your previous job; instead, highlight tasks and responsibilities that shows your skills and strengths.
  3. A CV without education and qualifications topics is not a good CV. The employer wants to know what is your level of education and your area of studies to be easier to integrate your profile inside the company.
  4. Your experience is also very important to the employer. Try to think about other things you’ve been involved in such as school clubs, volunteering, language courses, etc.
  5. We end our list with the honesty topic. Please, make sure that you’re honest. Sometimes you can be confronted with some aspects of your CV that aren’t true and you can get yourself in a rough situation.

Mauro Magalhães

The Kaizen

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