What To Do In… Athens, Greece

Athens is with any doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world: ruins, history, beautiful landscapes, the sea, blue sky and the sun. Moreover Greece is not only Athens and the Islands, if you like the mountains and the countryside, there’s stuff in the North! You can even ski in Greece the Winter!

If you like history and ruins like me, you should take this opportunity. In addition to archaeological sites, plenty of museums, without forgetting the Olympic history. In addition, these sites are always surrounded by beautiful landscapes where you could travel on your free time.


Isn’t the Mediterranean climate the best in the world? The more pleasant, hot and dry in Summer? Not too cold and not too rainy in Winter? In case you come to Greece for this experience you will be delighted and you will see I’m not lying 😀

The Greece has beaches everywhere, look at the map and the kilometers of coastline, with its peninsulas and his paradise islands. Have you ever imagine finishing a working day and go for a swim? Well it’s possible with Cross Border Talents!


The Greek hospitality is great, always smiling and friendly. In addition, they always try to speak English, they have the ability to communicate, from taxis to street sellers, and even advise you the good spots, pubs or night clubs, always with a smile.

Greece is also one of the cheapest countries in the European Union. Everything is about half price or even less compared to countries like France, Germany, Norway, etc… Some examples of approximate prices and next the places of course: a coffee on the terraces around 1 euro, 10 minutes by taxi is less than 5 euros, a Greek sandwich costs between 1.5 and 2 euros, a pint of beer at the bar is 2.5 euros.

The Greeks are also known as party animals and they know how to party. Depending on your budget and your willingness to spend money, there is always something to do: trendy nightclubs or a drink in the street with a great view of the sea. For example Mykonos (if you travel on your work holidays) is well-known for its great beaches like Ibiza and Athens is the best city for night life, notably thanks to its young and student population. Besides, it’s legal to drink in the street in Greece, so no problem.


Well I think if you take this opportunity you will understand that I’m not lying and this experience will for sure change your life! If you are interested, feel free to apply to our job vacancies in Greece! I’ll be waiting for it then!

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Duarte Miguel

The Hunter


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