Is the Curriculum Enough Nowadays | From The Brave Perspective

Inevitably, all of us will have to prepare the curriculum at least once in our lives, and soon the doubt will arise: What will be more relevant to describe and how to transmit, in a document, all the acquired learnings and skills?

The first temptation will be to make use of standardized CVs, since they have already been thought and approved by hundreds of other candidates. But will this be the best option

Considering that a CV can be the gateway for job you want to achieve, or at least a way to get closer to the employer, it’s important to be not only objective but above all real, in summary an accurate reflection of the candidate.

More than just a document, it’s necessary to make a very conscious balance of professional, personal and behavioral skills, and be the echo of yourself, without artificialisms or make-up that convey banal and artificial postures and behaviors, preventing masks that will inevitably fall to the ground.

As a recruiter I look for original CV’s, provocateurs, inspiring compasses that arouse interest for the interview, but above all people focused on assertive communication, with humility and sincerity, self-knowledge and with an azimuth aimed to success.




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