What To Do In… London, England!

First of all, it’s my pleasure to start this topic on our blog!

Here we will be talking about various cities around the world that we have vacancies on our awesome clients!

To begin with London is sort of a funny thing, since London is a place where I have always wanted to be and get to know, so this text will have a special flavor to me.

I will try to be broad with my suggestions and at the same time personal, since every place or activity here is somewhere or something I wish I could do! Since right now I can’t be there by myself, I always try to be there through the experience of our candidates. 🙂

So, there goes my top three things you must see and visit in London.

The London Dungeon

imagem 1

Yes, they have a complete and functional dungeon there, with all you can expect from a real dungeon, even real-life rats!

There you can go through history about London past and also about their legends. You will see and hear about all kind of things in a terror background with the possibility to quit at certain point of the tour.

I would die (pun intended) to go there just to see the big surprise at the end. Want to know what surprise? Apply for one of our jobs there!

Richmond Park

Imagem 2

So, after you get your soul out of your body in The London Dungeon horrors, you can calmly spot deers at the Richmond Park, the largest of the Royal Parks with 2,500 acres.

If that were not enough, from the highest point of the park you can observe St Paul Cathedral in all its glory. Two beautiful sights within one place.

Also, please, don’t feed the deers.

Eat the famous fish & chips meal

Imagem 3.jpg

After all, we are still humans with human’s necessities! London is one of the best places to eat simply because it has food from all over the world at your disposal! Knowing that, I couldn’t recommend anything else than their own, most famous dish: fish & chips!

There are several places to go but, so you can get to the food faster and easier, I will drop 3 of the best restaurants here.

Fishers Fish and Chips: https://www.tripadvisor.pt/Restaurant_Review-g186338-d3515065-Reviews-Fishers_Fish_and_Chips-London_England.html

The Golden Chippy: https://www.tripadvisor.pt/Restaurant_Review-g186338-d5244301-Reviews-The_Golden_Chippy-London_England.html

Baileys Fish and Chips: https://www.tripadvisor.pt/Restaurant_Review-g186338-d2719908-Reviews-Baileys_Fish_and_Chips-London_England.html


I hope you enjoy London and, of course, your work there! If I happen to present you an opportunity there please be aware that everything comes with a price, and my price is not something to take granted: your professional happiness. 🙂

Thank you for reading, hope it was enjoyable and informative. Happy travels!

Thiago Fagundes

The Transatlantic

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