Is the Curriculum Enough Nowadays?

Yes, it is enough. However, it’s not only a curriculum but a good one. It’s all about how you write it and how you present it. If you don’t have a good CV, the person on the other side will probably not want to contact you back.

A big plus is if you tailor it according to the job vacancy you are applying to. (Yes, employers and recruiters will notice.)

The CV will be the first impression that people will get of you and will be a decisive factor in whether you will be contacted back with a favorable response or not.

The biggest obstacle is getting people to notice your CV. After conquering this, it’s all about preparing yourself for the interview and trying to match whichever image you chose to portray on your CV.

But that’s a topic for another time.

Daniela Silva

The Eloquent

2 thoughts on “Is the Curriculum Enough Nowadays?

  1. Great text Daniela. I will share this with my network. When we think about the CV we think its an old tool both for recruiters and for candidates, but I really think its still very relevant and it can have some many formats today – video, a poster, etc Thank you!

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